Friday, July 18, 2014

Educreations Part 2

In my first post on Educreations, I described it as an interactive whiteboard. On EdShelf, a website with reviews and information about a lot of great tools, there is a wonderful list of Educreations features.

Here they are:

 There is also a great series of videos from a teacher who is having his 5th grade students use Educreations to capture information about the original 13 American colonies. He very candidly shares some difficulties his students have with saving their work using the app but gives great hints on how to work around this challenge.

I also love the teacher comments on this EdShelf website. One, in particular, addresses how Educreations is great for his ESOL students.
If you are unsure how you can use this in your classroom, the EdShelf website gives ideas too.

Personally, I think Educreations would be great if you are doing a jigsaw activity. Have each group make an Educreations lesson with the information they have to share. They then share the page with the other members of their group. Mix the groups up and let the kids present their information!

ISTE Standards-S 1 & 2


  1. Can't wait to try this with my kids! I love that you can save it to the ipad if your internet access is spotty.

  2. I really like your idea of using Educreations for a jigsaw activity. In addition to deepening students' understanding of the material by having them teach it to their peers, it's a great way to practice public speaking and presentation skills! It seems like that kind of activity at the elementary school level could be a great bridge to helping students feel comfortable presenting to a larger in-person audience, which they will undoubtedly be required to do in middle or high school. Recording an Educreations lesson is a great low-pressure way to experience that presenter role without having to be on the spot at the front of the classroom.

    1. I agree with the speaking. From the middle-school perspective, just speaking clearly so everyone can understand what you are saying is a big accomplishment. A great way to make certain you are doing that. It's recorded. Can't argue with a recording!

    2. What a great idea in terms of those new CCSS that have to do with speaking and listening. Many of my students mumble. I think it is their way of saying something because they have to but being quiet enough or garbled their words enough so that if they are wrong, no one is really sure.

  3. I love the idea of using this with a jigsaw. The website for this is awesome as well. You can create a classroom and invite your students to it. Then they can ask questions under the video and you or other students can answer them!